Meet the shoppers.

Eight researchers with experience in cultural anthropology, qualitative research, advertising strategies, brand growth and client solutions are engaging with ten diverse shoppers from all across the U.S.; learning about their households, shopping and eating habits and much more.


46, Los Angeles, CA
Lives with wife and dog

Crystal is 46, lives in Los Angeles, with her wife and their small dog Leia. She is enjoying this phase in her life: the city she lives in; her job; and her home life. She is very active in her community and keeps busy participating in cultural events in LA, trying new things, eating good food and learning about things going on around her.


25, Los Angeles, CA
Lives with roommates

Craig is 25, lives in Los Angeles with roommates, is passionate about movies, and works in the entertainment industry. He loves living in LA and that there are so many things to do in the city. He is the main cook in his household and enjoys the communal experience of this.


49, Detroit, MI suburbs
Lives with wife and 3 kids

Paul is 49 and lives in the suburbs of Detroit, MI with his wife and three kids. He is busy in his work life as a therapist and as a Dad of active teen and pre-teen kids. He enjoys his life, and is always doing different and interesting things. His Russian, Jewish and Dutch ancestry has influenced his interest in different foods. He does most of the food shopping and loves cooking.


44, Detroit, MI suburbs
Lives with husband and 9 kids

Chapri is 44 and is the busy president and CEO of a household of 11 people! She and her husband live in the suburbs of Detroit, MI and currently have nine children living at home, ranging in age from 20 months through to 18 years old. Chapri spends a lot of her time grocery shopping, preparing and cooking meals, and works hard to provide healthy food options for her family.


35, Cleveland, OH suburbs
Lives with wife & son

Chris is 35 and lives in the suburbs of Cleveland, OH with his wife and young son. He is passionate about travel, art, eating healthy food and has many diverse interests.


53, Tampa, FL
Lives with husband, older kids, mother and tenant

Angie is 53 and lives in a rural area outside Tampa, FL with her husband, her 16 year old daughter, a daughter in her 20s, her 80 year old mother and a tenant in her 20s. She and her husband enjoy their lives together. They have a property with animals: cats; dogs; horses; and a donkey. Angie has southern roots while her husband's family is from Cuba. Their different backgrounds influence their meals, which they try to eat together at least once a day.


46, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Lives with 5 year-old son

Denise is 46 and has spent the past four years living in Palm Beach Gardens, FL with her 5 year old son. She grew up in Michigan, went to college in Boston, lived and worked in New York City for over 20 years and now enjoys her new life in Florida immensely. Denise enjoys cooking, but is looking forward to when her son is older and has a more adventurous palate and she can expand her cooking repertoire.


23, Columbia, SC
Lives with husband and baby

Pilar is 23 and lives in Columbia, SC with her husband and 3 month old daughter. She is very busy, going to school, working three jobs –not to mention raising a baby! Despite all that she still manages to cook frequently and sees it as a stress reliever. It's important to her to feel like she is providing for her family.


48, Chicago, IL suburbs
Lives with husband and cat

Deanna is 48 and lives in the northern suburbs of Chicago with her husband and their cat Violet. She is an engineer with an electrical distributor, enjoys tasty food and is very health conscious in what she prepares to eat.


31, Chicago, IL
Lives with 2 cats and 1 dog

Amy is 31 and lives with her dog and 2 cats near Lake Michigan in an urban area north of Chicago. She is from a large family and now enjoys living by herself and preparing healthier meals than what she ate when growing up. She recently graduated with a Masters degree in education and is very outgoing.

A Sneak Peek at Some Topics

  • Meal planning is the "ideal" but rarely fully realized. How can we help shoppers plan their shopping and cooking?
  • Stocking up can be an alternative to meal planning. How can families incorporate prepared foods to build out a full meal that feels "fresh" but takes moments to make?
  • Looking for balance, shoppers often choose between cooking fresh vs. time deficit. We rarely see fresh, elaborate meals being cooked during the week. Could meal kits fill the need?
  • Eating plans often fall prey to stress. Good intentions go out the window when life throws a curveball. What barriers prevent shoppers from turning to prepared foods in times of stress?
  • Time together is the top priority. Above all, mealtime is seen as a time to bond with family and friends. How can retailers help the family get a meal they love at a reasonable price?