May 08, 2018


This month, we hear from shoppers in Tyson Foods' 2018 experiment, Unconventional Shopper Connections, who say those online delivery meal kits do not offer the one-size-fits-all solution they've been led to believe will make their lives easier.  In fact, they give them three strikes for being a "recipe for more stress."

So, if delivery meal kits aren't the answer, what's deli to do to help shoppers create meals they can be proud to serve? This month's Exclusive :60 provides inspirational ideas in less than a minute, and might just knock a few out of the park.

Three Strikes for Meals-In-a-Box

Sound familiar? In Tyson Foods' Prepared Foods Challenge, we saw what happened when families hopped into the car and headed to the store, purchased an assortment of prepared foods, then headed home and hoped for the best as they gathered around the table. The meal was a complete failure. But, when they were shown how to plan, shop for and prepare the meal together, the food tasted better and the experience of eating the meal together became truly enjoyable. 

So, instead of striving to create a one-size-doesn't-fit-all box of ingredients that won't satisfy a family's needs or tastes, why doesn't the prepared foods department simply educate and inspire shoppers with meal plans and simple recipes using ingredients they like that are readily available at the store?

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