January 12, 2018



For years, shoppers have been telling us about their experiences with our departments. They've said they want dinner to be an important time to reconnect with their families, but with busy lifestyles, they have little time to shop or cook a homemade meal. We've heard this over and over, but how have we responded?

Unfortunately, numerous Tyson Foods studies1,2,3,4 show we have failed even our most loyal shoppers as more than half of them have experienced problems with staff, product or general department issues. Obviously, the old broken deli isn't getting the job done.

Unconventional Shopper Connections

We decided it was time to dig deeper into our shoppers lifestyles because knowing what they need is the only way we can meet those needs. That's why we embarked on this yearlong experiment which we'll also focus on in our Exclusive :60 video series. Specifically, the goal of "Unconventional Shopper Connections" is to develop new ways to create meaningful relationships with shoppers that can bring families back to the table again. Nothing like this is being done anywhere else in the industry.

Meet the Shoppers

We know what people tell us. They want dinner to be an important time to gather with their families, to reconnect and share the comfort of a good meal. But to deliver the experience they seek, we need to better understand the people who shop our departments.


We need to learn about shoppers':

  • Lifestyles

  • Schedules

  • Home and household dynamics

  • Personalities

  • Pleasures

  • Frustrations


So, we've embarked on this unique opportunity to do just that with ten shoppers from across the U.S. whose lifestyles are as diverse as those we see every day in our departments.

We'll meet the shoppers in this month's Exclusive :60 and learn why getting to know them may help us gain a better understanding of our consumers and their needs; as well as why that's important.

We'll ask them about their weekly shopping and eating habits and their household schedules. They will reveal all — even open up their refrigerators and pantries — so we can see what impacts their shopping decisions and their intentions to bring the household together for a meal.

But their stories will also disclose opportunities for retail to provide helpful options when the unexpected disrupts their mealtime plans.


This month's Exclusive :60 introduces us to ten shopper participants in a yearlong experiment, "Unconventional Shopper Connections." Learn more about "Unconventional Shopper Connections" check out previous episodes in the Exclusive :60 series, and connect with the Tyson Retail Foodservice team to find out more about how Tyson Foods helps grow the prepared foods business for our customers at the speed they need, in a direction that makes an impact.


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