July 15, 2017


Shoppers participating in Tyson Foods' study learn to make successful family meals featuring prepared foods.

Over the past few months, the families participating in Tyson Foods' Prepared Foods Challenge4 have disclosed some surprising insights in our Exclusive :60 series. Making dinner every night for a week using prepared foods from local grocery stores, at first they met failure after failure, as they tried to assemble a meal without any real plan.

Numerous Tyson Foods' studies1,2,3 had been revealing a growing trend of consumer disappointments from general complaints about their grocers' prepared foods departments to specific product issues involving taste and presentation or staffing concerns having to do with training and availability. In one study, 48% of prepared foods shoppers experienced one or more of the top three failures in just a 90-day period. Some of the failures were so epic that half of the shoppers said they might not return to the store itself for a long while if at all.3

So, it came as no surprise to see the dissatisfaction experienced by the families participating in the Prepared Foods Challenge. For them, dinnertime should be a satisfying backdrop in a scene that serves as closure or reward for surviving a busy day and allows them to focus on each other instead of a meal that is tasteless, unappealing and disjointed.2

And this is where we find our families in this month's Exclusive :60. We'll revisit the Keeleys and Schnurrs, and see how they learn to transform prepared foods into satisfying meals. Check out this month's Exclusive :60 and discover how retail foodservice is perfectly positioned to get families back to the dinner table and keep them coming back.


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